Eye Contact – Even more important to develop that smiling :)

You’ve probably all heard the saying a smile goes a long way.  Well yes its true that a smile is great and important for your opener and its also good to leave on a smile too.  However, for those of you who are not natural smilers have no fear as it is not necessary to keep a big beaming grin up the whole conversation.  You can actually achieve an amazing amount from eye contact and penetrate far deeper into your desired ones mind and body than a smile will.

Here are a few basics on eye contact and also what can be achieved through eye contact.  For a full explanation and tutorial please give one of our coaches a call today.

As a general rule you should increase eye contact with someone you are interested in  to about 80% of the time in the conversation.   As you look at them how you are feeling and thinking will also to a certain extend magically bounce back from them to you.  The science behind this is for a separate conversation.

To create feeling of love attachment and emotion use “Loving eyes”.
For this look right into their eyes.  Pretend you are admiring the optic nerve behind the eyeballs.  This can help if you want to excite those feelings of love at first site.  As you look imagine they are already in love with you to give the aura of already being in love.

To create feelings and thoughts of sex and physical attraction use “Bedroom eyes”. For this you can try looking at the most attractive part of his or her face and your pupils will expand giving bedroom eyes.  Also think sexy thoughts and how much sexual fun the two of you will be having together as you look into their eyes.
Another method a lot of our clients find help transmit sexual energy and thoughts between the two of you is to keep flicking  between looking at their mouth and looking at their eyes.  Everytime you look at their mouth imagine they are giving you oral sex and really enjoying it.  They will subconsciously get that you are communicating sexual interest and energy.  Trust us this method has worked well for dozens of our clients.

I know the above tips are basic but if you haven’t realized the importance  and great power of communicating with your  eyes the above short tips are all that you need to get started.  Rest assured eye contact use like the above will get you a lot further than flicking between for example her eyes and drooling over her breasts!

Feel free to contact us for further advice.  We are here to help.