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When it comes to attracting the women/men you want, are you clueless? When you feel this way, it can be easy to avoid dating altogether, to tell yourself and your friends that you find it to be a waste of your time, for one reason or another. But everyone craves companionship, and that means getting out there and attracting the women or men you want. If you don’t try you are guaranteed to stay single or to keep settling.

With our two-hour introductory course you’ll get more dates, more phone numbers, and boost your confidence. How? By knowing how to attract who you want with the right day game and night game (yes, the time of day matters!), reducing your approach anxiety, learning how to read body language and dressing to impress.

Women & Men You Want Are Within Your Reach

Right now your self-esteem is low. You don’t believe in your ability, so naturally it seems like the women/men you want can’t be yours. But take a moment to let yourself believe. The truth is, anyone can attract the women or men they want if they use the right approach. Imagine being truly confident. A truly confident man or woman goes after the person they want and even when turned down, is not phased.

But your imagination can actually be your reality, with the help of our 2-hour introductory theory workshop. You’ve probably heard about similar workshops before, so please let us explain why ours will bring you the results you actually want.

Why Use Our 2-Hour Introductory Workshop?

True, two hours is only enough time to introduce you to our techniques, but in that short span of time you’ll soon realize that our methods are the most effective when it comes to attracting the members of the opposite sex that you want … and we build on this introductory opportunity with a full weekend of instruction, should you wish to participate.

The ultimate goal is to land more dates and to pocket more phone numbers. You need to create opportunities for real relationships to develop. A date isn’t a guarantee of something that will last, but most people don’t even get started down the path to their ideal partner because they don’t know how to create the opportunity for dates with real potential.

The key to our approach is a well-rounded game plan. We leave nothing to chance.

How to Dress

If you don’t present yourself properly, you can never make a good first impression.

Body Language

What is your body language saying about you? Learn how to project what the opposite sex want inside and out.

Day vs. Night Game

Are you bringing your night game techniques into the day, or vice versa? We teach you the difference and how to make the most of both times of day.

Approach Anxiety

You can do everything else right but still fail because you are too nervous to even speak to women/men. We will help you with our proven methods to reduce approach anxiety and communicate more confidently.


“I had tried other dating workshops before. They taught me a few things, but when I put them into practice the results weren’t impressive. It turns out there were holes in my approach, but I filled those in with this 2-hour introductory workshop and started getting the responses from women that I wanted.”

- Jack (Herts)

“My confidence was horrible. Really, it was at an all-time low with women. I was just so tired of striking out again and again. This workshop helped me regain my confidence by encouraging me and proving to me that I had it in me to get dates and phone numbers. I loved it so much, I upgraded on the day and completed the whole weekend course there and then."

- Anthony (London)

“I came out of a long-term relationship and didn’t understand the dating landscape anymore. I was older than a lot of other women and felt out of place. I actually had some confidence, knowing I’d learned how to navigate a real relationship, but I didn’t have the tools to direct it in a way that would get me dates. This workshop showed me how.”

- Sophie (Essex)

Get Our 2-Hour Introductory Workshop For Only £29 FREE For a Limited Time

Usually this workshop is £99, but we’re running a limited-time special right now -- that means you can get two hours of introductory dating instruction for only 1/10th the normal priceFREE! However, you need to act quickly to ensure your spot isn’t taken. What do you have to lose?

We Guarantee More Dates & More Phone Numbers

There’s a big reason we guarantee results -- we want you to check out the other courses we have to offer. Not to mention the fact that we truly care about the men and women we help. Our introductory course is a great start, but to keep improving your dating game as your experience increases, you’ll need more instruction. That’s why we offer a full weekend workshop after the introductory course, and then 1-to-1 instruction for the most individualized attention possible.

There are limited places remaining So Please Act Now

We couldn’t give away our introductory course forever at this slashed rate, because we’d never be able to stay in business, so you need to act now to take advantage of one of the remaining 5 places available in our 2-hour introductory course reduced from £99 to £29 absolutely nothing.

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Does This Still Not Seem Worth Attending for Free?

Maybe FREE still doesn’t seem low enough to you for a 2-hour introductory course. First of all, what other instruction can you get two hours of for the low price of nothing? You truly have nothing to lose, but we’re happy to reiterate why our introductory instruction in dating is worth it.

You won’t just learn quick tricks or cheap moves to dupe the opposite sex into going on a date with you. You’ll learn how to transform yourself into the type of person that women/men actually want. When you are confident, inside and out, you’ll have your pick of the opposite sex. When you know how to dress, how to read body language, how to use night and day game techniques, and how to get over the anxiety that keeps you from even approaching women/men in the first place, there will be nothing stopping you from getting all the phone numbers and dates you want.

…The only thing stopping you is not clicking the button below now to reserve one of the final 5 places in our 2-hour introductory dating course.


5.30PM - 6PM Arrival, registration and networking.

6PM - 7.30PM Talk

7.30PM - 8PM Questions and Answers

8PM ONWARDS Networking and socialising in local bar for those who wish to stay on






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