Master the Dating Game with Help from Experts with 20+ Years of Experience

A Full Weekend of Real-World Instruction

Everyone wants to get better at attracting the opposite sex. Dating costs most men and women countless hours and pounds every year because they don’t take the time to actually study their strengths and weaknesses, and learn from experts who have already mastered attraction and dating. Are you tired of spinning your wheels with the same techniques? Or have you given up altogether and accepted life as single or settling for those who you don't truly desire?

There’s no need to be alone, because everyone has the ability to attract who they want. With our introductory workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of dating and attraction. Then, during our weekend instruction you’ll put your night game knowledge into practice on Saturday, followed by your day game on Sunday. You can’t take the club attitude to the daygame, and vice-versa, but chances are you’ve done just that and come off looking unappealing at best. We run male only courses, female only courses, and mixed sex weekend courses.

Picture Dating as an Opportunity Instead of an Obstacle

When you have to overcome an obstacle at work or school, you study methods to improve. But when was the last time you actually became educated regarding dating and attraction, outside of reading a few articles online or listening to a few tips from your buddies?

You can’t expect to get different results when you don’t try a different approach. Our approach is simple: education from mentors who have mastered the art. And make no mistake about it -- dating is an art. It is not some magical talent that is only bestowed on a few very charismatic men or women, or those with lots of money. Attraction is psychological and behavioural based, and if you press the right buttons and take the right actions, you’ll get the results you want.

So why is our weekend workshop worth £397?

Let’s face it -- you’ve probably spent £397 in the last several months on drinks or meals, or a new suit or dress, for the opposite sex anyway. So, although the amount is not small, in the world of dating it won’t take you very far. First of all, this price includes our introductory workshop which is a £99 value in and of itself.

  • Introductory Workshop: This is your classroom instruction in dating, your introduction to the methods that you will put into use during the weekend workshop. You’ll learn how to dress, how to overcome approach anxiety, and all about body language -- yours and hers/his.
  • Night Game: On Saturday night you will go out with your dating and attraction coaches, who have 20+ years of experience, and learn first-hand how to get dates and phone numbers. This is a perfect opportunity for trial and error. Saturday night is nothing like during the day on Sunday. Men and Women want to have fun, they want to cut loose after a stressful week of work, and your approach needs to be appropriate.
  • Day Game: On Sunday you’ll go back out with your coaches and put to use what you’ve learned about the other side of the dating game: day technique. Sunday is a day of relaxation and for many of us, catching up on things we needed to do throughout the week. If your approach isn’t suited for this very different type of atmosphere, you won’t be successful when it comes to actually attracting the opposite sex to go out on dates.

“I never took a dating course before. It really took things to the next level to be able to go out on the weekend and have the coaches teach us first-hand how to use the techniques we learned during the introductory course.”

- Amy (London)

“My coach taught me how to change my outlook on dating. My appearance, my level of confidence, and the way I thought dating worked were not in line with what women actually want. Honestly, I knew I wasn’t going about things right, I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong or have anybody to show me how to use advice. This course did all of that and the results exceeded my expectations.”

- James (Suffolk)

“I didn’t have the confidence to even talk to women after my girlfriend and I broke up. My coaches actually revealed to me that I didn’t have as many flaws as I thought, though some big ones had to do with confusing the dating world during the day and night. In the end I made mistakes but they helped me learn from them until I was successful.”

- Steven (Essex)

Get the Introductory Course & Full Weekend Workshop For Only £397

For the small investment of £397 you get two hours of introductory instruction and two chances to learn first-hand both night and day game during the weekend. You’ll be guided by your coaches every step of the way in order to ensure you correct your mistakes and can proceed on your own with success.

We guarantee results, and here is why…

Our Guarantee is Your Success

We care about our clients being happy in their relationships, which is why we guarantee that our methods work. Our dating and attraction coaches have over two decades of experience. They know what works and what doesn’t, and have seen trends come and go… only sound principles of what the opposite sex want are promoted, because results are what you deserve.

Hurry … Only Limited Places Left

You need to act now because there are only limited spaces left for this course. We’d like to accept everyone, but we have class size limits in place to ensure our quality remains consistent. Our instruction has proved extremely popular following the word-of-mouth from guys and girls just like yourself.

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Still Debating Whether to Spend £397?

Like we said before, £397 is a small amount to spend in the dating world … and please consider the savings before you decide to forgo your spot, which will quickly go to the next person who needs help with his or her dating game.

All those poorly matched dates, all those drinks you bought that got you nowhere, all that wasted clothes shopping… the tab for these costs easily spirals out of control for many, but you can reign it in by meeting women/men whom you know are compatible with you.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of successfully approaching the opposite sex, asking them for a date, and exuding the confidence that makes them want to say yes. Then, you’ll put your newfound knowledge to use in the day and during the night.

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