The 2 reasons to buy from TheDatingLifestyle company


The company owners and senior trainers John Lloyd and Lawrence Neil have used all products that they sell, with success with their clients. This has the added advantage that if you buy a product or want some extra help or explanation of an area contained in it, when you book a training session with us it will be a product we are familiar with and can guide you through it rather than an untested book or method that we do not recommend. We highly recommend the products we sell but it is the after care and training with us which will push your use of that product to the next level.


Any ebook, DVD or products you buy from our product page, you will be emailed a free £25 gift voucher that you can put towards our live training seminars, residentials, bootcamps, and 1-2-1 private training sessions. This is where we really help you apply the product knowledge and take you to the next level.

Products by Kezia Noble

thedatinglifestyle company has been working with Kezia for the last year and has tried and tested the below products with our clients. We highly recommend you to purchase them. Once bought we can help you get the best out of them with thedatinglifestyle private 1-2-1 and live training. Just contact us on

Please note Kezia's products are aimed at males dating and attracting women. Our coaching at thedatinglifestyle company is able and experienced of course, in coaching both men and women, but we recommend these products for men only.

Attraction to Seduction (DVD/Download)

Attraction is one thing, but seduction is quite another. The pathway to success is riddled with chances to turn off an otherwise responsive woman … and let’s face it, if you aren’t able to seduce her, another more skilled guy is waiting in the wings to take your place. So how do you turn up the heat on the initial interest a woman gives to you? Learn how with Attraction to Seduction, a guide by Kezia Noble that relies only on original methods proven to make women want you, like how to spot interest and disinterest, why nice guys finish last, and how to make your personality work for you.


Text and Phone Game (eBook)

Are you one of the many guys that only needs his phone to ruin his potential with women? Getting phone numbers is one thing, but turning those numbers into actual dates is quite another. Learn how to use phone calls and texts to your advantage by knowing when to contact her, what to say, how to navigate phone games, and more.


10 Hook Lead System (DVD/Download)

Coming up with interesting things to say to women, particularly in any situation, can be difficult for even the most experienced men on the dating scene. Most men doubt their abilities and as a result end up saying things that turn women off, but with this 10 Hook Lead System you can end uncomfortable silences, awkward moments and flat-out rejections for good … without following a script that turns you into a guy you aren’t.


Deep Connection (DVD/Download)

Every man wants more than just surface-level connections … connections that actually last, and become richer over time. Learn how to master the techniques you need to achieve deep connections with the 25 specific steps thoroughly explained throughout this DVD. No vague, clichéd tips you’ve heard from dating coaches ten times over … just real, time-tested steps you put to use right away for solid results.


Other Products

Dance Seduction Moves (DVD/Download)

Chi Szeto, another personal friend of Lawrence Neil. Thedatinglifestyle company have flown to LA to personally study these methods so that you don't have to. We have a team of club dance instructors here in the UK and at our HQ, ready to help you if this is an area you want to consider or improve. Please note this product is more male focused.

Stop feeling intimidated when everyone else starts dancing at the club with these accessible dance lessons from world-renowned instructor Chi Szeto. They only take an hour of your time and are applicable to dancers of all skill levels. Best of all, the moves are all versatile and fresh, perfect for catching the eye of that woman or man you just met at the club.