Ultra 7-day All Inclusive Residential

Below are just some of the all-inclusive luxuries and trainings

you will receive on our 7 day experience:

  • A month prior to commencement of the training a detailed phone consultation is done to bespoke and tailor the week for you.
  • Seven nights luxury accommodation to include all meals and drinks.
  • Meals and drinks are to both your taste and requirements and are also designed to promote health and performance during your stay.
  • During your seven nights stay five nights is spend at a luxury country estate and two nights at a luxury spa.
  • During your stay at the country estate you will be taken out to a variety of day and night time locations pre discussed for your choice and requirements and accompanied only by the very best top tier coaches our company has to offer.
  • Luxurious relaxation treatment to get your mind and body in the most productive state for the upcoming day and night e.g. massage (Swedish or Thai) or Shiatsu (Japanese Massage where you may keep fully clothed)
  • Expert Dietary and Fitness Advice and Training.
  • Hypnosis, NLP, Mind Training to get you in an irresistible state and frame of mind to approach and be successful.

During your spa stay you will be carefully guided, coached and mentored to improve your results of attracting the opposite sex in Spa, Gym, Lounge Bar and Restaurant environments.

Every single day at both the country Estate and Spa will include all or some (depending on your choice and preferences) of the following:

All your time both in Daygame and Nightgame practice approaches and interactions you will be accompanied and mentored and coached by one of our company founders. There will not be a single point where you will be given and left alone with a lower level coach from our company.

Specialist other trainers, Wing Girls and Wing Men will be brought in if and when appropriate if we consider they have something to add to your experience but our most senior coach will remain there with you all the time.


“We work closely in conjunction with other dating and attraction coaches and companies and the quality of our courses in demonstrated by the fact that we will often get referrals from them to attend our high end “Ultra All Inclusive Seven Day Residentials”